SOCIAL SECURITY GADSDEN: This is the Best Way to Protect Children from Internet Dangers

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

This is the Best Way to Protect Children from Internet Dangers

This is the Best Way to Protect Children from Internet Dangers

"For young people today there is no boundary between online and offline," I said. "Teenagers use the internet to socialize and grow. On the other hand, parents guide and support adolescents offline, so you have to be there for them as well as online.

When talking to the youth, "Talk about what they do. If they know that you will understand and listen, they will be more likely to approach you first when they need support."

Thus, they are the, parents should also take an interest in new gadgets and websites that teenagers often use. "It's important they learn more, so are you!" He also said, that parents set limits online, as did parents in the real world.

"Think about what might they see, what they share, with whom they speak, and how long they spend time communicating online. It is important to continue to discuss the limits of the use of the internet, so that they will evolve as technology users are wise, "he explained.

"In addition, the best way to protect children from the internet is to know which devices are connected to the internet and how Caraya. Also, find out how they access the Internet, whether from home or leaks connection WiFi neighbor? This will affect whether your security settings may be applied or not for them. "

This is the Best Way to Protect Children from Internet Dangers

Furthermore I say, parental control is not the answer to safeguard the children from the online world, but the first step you need to do is provide an application that is suitable for her age, internet access lid for things that are not appropriate for them.

"Now there are a growing number of service providers on the internet worked so hard to create an application that is simple, effective, and user friendly. Well, time for parents who choose which is appropriate for children to use,. Therefore, the key remains on the parents," he added .

Moreover, I assert, "Emphasize also that not all people who are friends with the children in cyberspace must meet haphazardly in the real world, especially without supervision and permission from adults who trusted by them."

"Children and adolescents also need to know what to do if something goes wrong in the virtual world. It's important for them to know when and how to report problems that arise. Can directly to parents or to report to the competent official.

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