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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Social Security Requirements

Why Social Security Number (SSN) is very important to apply for a license or identification card ?

Social Security numbers are used to collect child support and to assist in establishing identity.

What should I bring to the notary office of the State to prove that I have a valid Social Security number?

Michigan law requires the Department of State to collect and verify Social Security numbers before issuing a driver's license or state identification card.
(Michigan Vehicle Code, 1949 PA 300, as amended by 1998 PA 330; and State Identification Card Act, 1972 PA 222, as amended by 2008 PA 31.) 

Documents will be accepted

  • Your Social Security card.
  • W-2 or 1099 forms.
  • Pay slips containing the names and Social Security numbers.
  • If you do not qualify for a Social Security number, you must have a letter ineligible from the Social Security Administration to prove that fact. Letters aged more than 30 days will not be accepted.
All data will be verified Social Security information. If you fail to provide a valid Social Security number or provide evidence indicates not meet your requirements, license or state identification driver application can not be processed.

who will see my social security number

Businesses and integrated planning has occurred to ensure this information is protected. It is important for the public to know that Social Security numbers are not displayed or encoded on the driver's license or ID card. This information is limited to select individuals within government agencies as permitted by law.
Michigan has worked hard to ensure the proper protection is in place to protect the personal privacy of citizens.

how to apply for a social security number

If you have never been issued a Social Security card, you may apply for one at no cost at a local Social Security office. You will need to:

Bring a completed Form SS-5 (Application for a Social Security Card) and,
Provide at least two documents to confirm your age, identity and citizenship or legal presence.
Acceptable documents including but not limited to the original birth certificate, hospital record of your birth, valid driver's license, state-issued identification card or passport of your country. Only original or copies certified by the issuing agency documents will be accepted. An individual who is not a citizen you must provide your current immigration documents and foreign passport with biographical information or photograph.

You should receive your new Social Security card in about two weeks. 

My Social Security card was lost or stolen. How do I get a replacement? 

You must sign up for a new card at your local Social Security office. No charge. You will need to bring a valid driver's license, state identification card or passport to verify your identity. You also will need to fill out Form SS-5 (Application for a Social Security Card). If you were born outside the US, you will need to show proof of US citizenship or lawful, immigration status of official working today

My name changed since I got my Social Security card. Would it be acceptable when I apply for a license or state my driving license?.

You should first visit your local Social Security office to apply for your new business cards before heading to the office of the Secretary of State. Sekurity social administration requires you to provide proof of your identity, citizenship or legal presence and change the name. Additional evidence may be requested.

If you do not inform social sekurity administration change of name, the State Department was unable to process license or state identification card applications are driving you. Department verifies all the names and Social Security numbers before issuing a permit or identification card. If your name and date of birth does not match what is on file at sekurity social administration, your application will be rejected.

Once social change your name with administrative sekurity wait three working days prior to visiting the Secretary of State's office to apply for a permit or ID card to ensure your records with social sekurity administration has been updated.

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